Piercing info

All piercings are done with high quality titanium jewellery that follow the EU nickel directive. We choose to use titanium as your initial jewellery due to the fact that titanium is not mixed with other metals.  That means that titanium is a pure metal which is biocompatible with almost any type of human skin. Other types of metals used in piercing jewellery is mixed with other metals that do contain highly allergic substances (such as nickel) which can irritate  and severely damage the skin around the piercing.

 Metals such as silver and gold are all mixed metals that can cause severe reactions in some people. So we do not use any other metal than Titanium and stainless steel in fresh piercings.

All the jewellery that we sell follow the EU nickel directive and is produced within the EU (no cheap jewellery will be used in fresh piercings or sold).  

Why do we do this? 

1. Your safety - getting a piercing can be a hassle free experience but it can also come with some complications. Providing our lovely customers with high grade jewellery is our way of reducing your chances of getting any complication. We want you safe and happy.

2. We take pride in the work that is being done in the studio, either it be tattoos or piercings. So we will always use high quality materials and products on our customers.