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Tattoo Removal

How our Nd:YAG laser works

This particular laser produces a very high power in quick pulses. The light energy produced tends to pass through normally pigmented skin and specifically targets the pigment on the tattoo ink deep in the dermis layer. As the ink absorbs this light energy, the ink breaks down into smaller particles which is then evacuated from the body through normal immune response. As the ink particles are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.

Is the tattoo removal laser dangerous? 

Tattoo removal lasers are very safe for use when used by a trained laser operator with proper safety equipment (goggles to protect the eyes). 

The radiation emitted by a tattoo removal laser is non-ionizing and carries no risk of cancer or other abnormal cell growth.

What colours can you treat?

As we use a green light Nd:YAG laser we can treat a vast array of colours; black, red, brown, orange, blue, purple, and darker green hues.  Difficult colours to remove are pastel colours such as; pale blue, turquoise  and pink. 

Colours we cannot treat; white, yellow, skin tones and UV ink. 

Please note that we cannot treat GREEN, as we have a green light laser the ink wont absorb it. However, some older tattoos that are green can possibly be treated as they often were blue and yellow in mixed together (we can lighten the blue and the yellow would be  left in the skin).

What can I expect and what will happen during the laser treatment.

You will most likely experience some discomfort during the laser treatment and small amounts of pain in the area immediately after; this is due to the heat created from the laser when it shatters the tattoo pigment that is imbedded in the collagen fibres in your skin.  The laser technician has ice packs available for you to use to cool down the treated tattoo. As you progress with the laser treatments you’ll find the discomfort and pain will decrease since there is less ink that shatters and creates heat in your skin. 

Immediately when the laser is fired at the tattoo your skin will go white which we refer to as frosting of the skin. This happens due to the heat in created in the skin causes water in your skin to evaporate. The frosting of the skin will fade within 10-20 minutes after treatment. Some clients experience pinpoint bleeding and swelling during the treatment too, but it is quite rare. 

The next 24-48 hours some clients experience blisters forming due to the heat; this happens mainly in tattoos that have a lot of solid black ink packed densely in the tattoo. If blistering occurs they are to be left alone as they work as your body on plaster to heal the skin underneath. Swelling of the area is to be expected for the first 24-48 hours.

Will the Laser Treatment leave me with a scar?

Not normally, It is very unusual to develop any scarring but possible, especially with poor aftercare (there is a reported 5% chance of scarring following tattoo removal treatments). The laser operated at our studio is specially designed for Tattoo Removals and Reduction. The light pulses it emits are only in contact with the skin for literally billionths of a second, there is not enough time for a significant build up of heat in the skin. Scarring following laser tattoo removal is often scars that was made when the tattoo was applied. This is why the laser technician will go through your tattoo and check it before starting any treatment on you. If there are scars present in your tattoo you will be notified of this. 

Will my tattoo be completely removed?

Possibly, modern lasers can give fantastic results but there are no guarantees. Sometimes the total elimination of the tattoo is not possible despite the use of the most advanced tattoo removal equipment. The success of the treatments depends on more than just the type of tattoo ink used as mentioned in the previous question 

There are many factors that can effect treatment results such as:

  • Age of tattoo
  • Application method
  • Type of ink used
  • Depth of ink 
  • Area of tattoo
  • Your healing ability
  • Skin type

Tattoos that are carried out by professionals are usually more difficult to remove as they contain more pigment colours and there is usually much more detail in the design. Often with a professional tattoo, the pigment colours are applied more deeply into the skin, and because of this may take more treatment sessions.

This is not to say that amateur tattoos are not applied as deep as professional ones, sometimes amateur tattooists create pocket of inks that are too deep and extremely difficult to eradicate completely.

You may be surprised but there is no recognised international standard for the manufacture of tattoo ink, sometimes inks can be mixed with other unknown compounds. Sometimes these compounds react to laser light and oxidise.

Lightening of the tattoo may continue for several months after the last treatment session. 

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

1. Prices are from £50 per session depending on size of the tattoo and colours used, 

We will be able give you a full quote during your consultation. The time it takes depends on the size of your tattoo and how you wish to do your sessions So it varies from 5 short minutes to around 20 minutes. 

2. Consultations are free of charge.   The laser technician will sit down with you and go through a few questionnaires with you to see if you are suitable for treatment.

3. If your are suitable for treatment, we will go through with a patch test which costs £25. We do the patch test to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions to the treatment and to see which settings suit your skin and tattoo the best. The charge of the patch test will be deducted from your first sessions.  A consultation + patch test usually takes around 1 hour.

Carbon Laser Facial

Carbon laser facial is a gentle face treatment that shows great results. It has the immediate effects of a gentle laser peel, but has no downtime for you. 

Its also a two stage process that will refresh your complexion by removing the dead skin cells on your face in the first stage. It often removes blackheads and whiteheads too. Whilst the second stage will gradually reduce the skins pore size and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When the laser is fired at your skin you’ll feel a slightly warm and tingling sensation, it is not a painful or uncomfortable procedure. To see if you are eligible for the carbon facial treatment well have a consultation which is free of charge, if we can continue with the treatment will first have to do a patch test which costs £20; the price of your patch test will be take off the price of your first treatment.

In terms of a treatment regiment, its all down to you and what you feel comfortable with. Many of our customers choose to have the facial treatment before special occasions, such as before a wedding. Usually they’ll get the treatment one week before the event. Other customers chose to have more than one treatment when they see regeneration of collagen in their skin to achieve a long term effect. Waiting time between the treatments are 2 weeks. 

A short recap of what carbon laser facial can do for you;
-   Removes dead skin cells

  • Reduces pore size
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves texture of the skin
  • Can help remove blackheads and whiteheads
  • Repeated treatments creates new collagen in your skin

The 2 stages of Carbon Laser Facial

Stage 1:
Carbon paste will be applied to your face, outside your peri-orbital rim and excluding the skin close to your lips. The carbon paste will then be left to dry; whilst it is drying it is absorbed by the outer layer of you skin (the dead skin cells), the paste also adheres to the lining of open pores.

When the paste has been absorbed the laser will be applied to your skin;  with a very short pulse it will be fired aiming at the carbon paste. When it interacts with the carbon paste it will make the paste vaporise together with the dead skin on your face. When the paste is vaporised, slight heat is generated, which penetrates the dermis slightly leading to collagen denaturation. When denaturation occurs it “freezes” the collagen and elastin fibres for a short time before they start to regenerate that can lead to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Immediately your skin will appear fresher and the pore size reduced. With the first treatment you’ll often see that blackheads and whiteheads are removed. 

Stage 2:

The second stage of the facial treatment is optional, and can be used as an extra boost for the denaturation of the collagen in your skin, when the laser is fired at the skin with no carbon paste it can penetrate deeper causing a micro injury to the collagen and elastin fibres which will lead to a further reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This can be done to your entire face or you can choose to use it only on target areas such as crowsfeet. 

Carbon Laser Facial prices: 

  1. Consultations are free of charge, its a short one on one with the laser technician to see if you are suitable for treatment.
  2. Patch test £20; if you are suitable for treatment and which to get  it done, we have to do a patch test first to see what suits your skin best. For skin types 1-3 the first treatment can be done after 24-48 hours, whilst for skintype 4 the first treatment can be done after 14 days. Costs of the patch test will be taken off your first treatment. 
  3. Full face treatment costs £80 a session and includes both stage 1 and 2.
    - If you choose to purchase 6 treatments in advance the price for the treatments are £400. 
  4. You can also choose to target areas, each area costs £25. For example some have concerns about pore size and fine lines in their t-zone; forehead and nose. The two areas would cost £50. 

if you have any more questions or would like to get more information; Call the studio at 0208 4606160 and ask for Martine or send her an email directly at

The same machine is used to the carbon laser facial as the technician uses for tattoo removal. But there is a different attachment to the laser that makes the laser beam larger and less concentrated that is used for the carbon laser facial.

Summary of prices and contact information for laser technician.

Our laser technician is available by appointment Monday-Saturday at 10AM and 6PM. If you need a quote or set up a consultation/appointment email Martine at

Tattoo removal;
Consultations are free of charge.
Patch tests are £25, this will be deducted from your first tattoo removal session.
Costs of laser sessions start at £50; the laser technician will be able to give you an exact quote per session during the consultation. 

Carbon laser facial:
Consultations are free of charge.
Patch tests are £20, this will be deducted from your first treatment.
Entire face; £80 per treatment or a bundle of 6 treatments for £400 total. 
Targeted areas £25 an area.

If you require any more information or have any more questions about the treatments  send Martine an email directly at